At The Joy Machine Co., we strongly believe in creating sunshine, for ourselves & for others, in whatever ways we can, big or small. We think of giving as a privilege, not a duty & that the happiness it brings about is incomparable.

Whilst we hope to be joy creators for you via The Joy Machine, we want YOU to find even greater happiness, meaning and fulfilment giving joy.

$10 of every sale of the Joy Machine will be donated to charity - on your behalf. Upon payment verification, $10 will be donated to the chosen charity organisation deemed by The Joy Machine Co. You will also have an option to top up and make additional donation amounts if you like & we will be happy to process this for you.

We believe the donation should be made in your name instead of ours, and we will send through a screenshot of the donation receipt along with the official The Joy Machine Co. sale receipt from us. 

Let us contribute to the presence of the smiles of the less fortunate.

Every bit helps, no amount is too little. xx

PROJECT "GIVE JOY" is currently supporting:
Singapore Red Cross