Q: How big / heavy is The Joy Machine?

A: The actual machine is approximately 29cm (W) x 34cm (H) x 47cm (D), weighs 4.5kg.

Package measures : 53cm (L) x 42cm (H) x 35cm (D), weigh approximately 10.5 - 11kg.


Q: What languages are there?

A: Preset language is English and multiple languages are available for selection. You are able to set your preferred language in the settings menu. Some examples are Chinese, Korean, Spanish.


Q: Are all games in english?

A: Unfortunately, some games come in different languages depending on the country it's from. There are a few in Japanese, Mandarin, etc.


Q: What kind of games are there?

A: Categories include but are not limited racing, fighting, RPG, sports, puzzle, shooting, etc.


Q: What are the differences in games between Eterno and Melius?

A: Eterno's games can mostly be found in Melius as well. The games preloaded in Eterno are mostly smaller in size. Melius has more of the popular games as well as newer games. There are also more 3D games in Melius and you are free to choose the games you want in your Joy Machine with Melius as you are able to download games from the game market! We strongly encourage our players to choose Melius.


Q: What is the difference in Melius v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0?

A: v3.0 is our latest version with 8000 preloaded games, including 255 3D games! v2.0 comes with 4018 preloaded games, including 160 3D games. v1.0 has 2448 preloaded games with 140 3D games. The rest remains unchanged. 


Q: Help! I can't decide between Eterno and Melius!

A: We strongly recommend Melius on the sole fact that it works out to be more worth it in the long-run. Eterno is our entry-level basic machine. With a single price, you are able to download unlimited games from the games market directly  from the machine itself. With Melius, you can save game states and resume from where you left off previously as well! If you require more memory space, we offer an option to upgrade to 128GB. However, you can also delete games to make space for new ones if you prefer. 


Q: How heavy is The Joy Machine?

A: The package weighs approximately 10-11kg. The Joy Machine itself weighs approximately 4.5kg.


Q: Is it must to get controllers?

A: It depends! Some games require controllers and it will definitely be easier to use the controllers when you are connected to a bigger screen! Certain games allow for 3-4 players so you'll definitely need controllers for those.


Q: How portable is The Joy Machine?

A: It's a little bulky to be deemed 'portable' but an average person can carry the machine with little to no trouble. Our portable rechargeable battery packs allows you to carry on gaming without the need of a wall electrical outlet! Perfect for staycations, gatherings, getaways, or even at specific corners of the house you may not have access to electricity!


Q: How big is the screen?

A: It's approximately 10". Definitely comfortable sized and not too small! If you would like to play on a big screen, every Joy Machine comes with a HDMI cable. You will be able to connect to a TV screen via a HDMI or VGA cable. It's a whole different experience!


Q: How long does it take for customisations?

A: Customisations take approximately 15-20 working days subject to delays due to Covid-19 situation and customs. We aim to expedite to the best of our ability but we seek your kind understanding nonetheless as certain areas are not within our control. A good buffer would be 5-6 weeks to be safe.

We also offer post-sale customisations. You'll be able to change the colour, text, buttons, joystick ball tops etc even after you have gotten the machine. This is great for when you want a new look or if you can't wait and purchased our in-stocks but still want to have it customised. This way you are able to have the machine while we do up the customisations for you -- once it's ready, we'll give your machine a brand new look as per your requests! 

Please also note that there might be cases where the machines arrive and upon our checks, we find areas (cosmetic/functionality) that we would like to have replaced for you. Kindly bear with us as each machine is individually crafted. In such cases, we will reach out to you with an option to have the machine first while we get the replacement, or leave it with us while we rectify the issue and will have it delivered once sorted.



Q: Can i test the machine before deciding?

A: At present, this is unavailable due to Covid-19 situation. We will revisit this in the future. 


Q: Is there warranty?

A: Every single machine is checked thoroughly by us personally before they get sent your way to ensure all is working fine. The Joy Machine offers a 7 day guarantee with exceptions of change of mind.


Q: What is the exchange policy like?

A: There will be no refunds. Please reach out within 7 days upon receipt should there be any issues with the machines. For cosmetic defects, please reach out strictly within 24hours. Exchanges will be done on a case-by-case basis with exceptions of change of mind and wear and tear. We offer repair services.


Q: Are you able to provide set up upon delivery? 

A: Yes, there will be an extra charge of $20 for setup and demo. Please let us know in advance if required! If you choose to go without this service, any onsite visits after delivery will be chargeable from $35 per trip. 


Q: How much does it cost and how long does it take to repair?

A: Repair prices and time frames vary with varying issues. Please reach out to us with the issue and we'll look into it from there!



Q: What modes of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master, Amex, Paypal, Paynow and Internet Banking/Bank transfer. We also have an option for a 3 month 0% interest instalment plan - we hope you'll be happy to know debit cards are accepted for this instalment plan!



Q: Am i able to choose the delivery timeslot?

A: At the moment we are only able to let you know the day of the delivery, however please do not hesitate to let us know a suitable time frame for you. We will try our best to have it delivered then. 


Q: Can i do a self-collection?

A: With the Covid-19 situation on hand, we will not be allowing self-collections for the time being. When available, self-collection will be by appointment only. Please ensure you have your own transport arranged if so! We definitely recommend delivery as the package is bulky and heavy. 

*Kindly specify if the location has delivery restrictions such as no access to lifts / walk-up apartments / restricted timing for entry etc.
Please note that deliveries beyond Level 2 due to reasons such as no direct lift access & not able to fit into the lift, additional surcharges are applicable as follows: 
a) From L3-7: $10/floor
b) From L8-15: $20/floor
c) From L16-22: $35/floor
d) From L23-29: $50/floor
e) From L30 & above: $75/floor



Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do! We ship worldwide. 


Q: What is the difference between standard and prime packaging?

A: Prime packaging comes with a thicker outer layer for extra protection of the parcel.


Q: How long will it take to reach me?

A: Transit times vary with locations. We use express courier services to have you receive the items sooner.

Transit time estimations (from departure of our facility) at the moment due to Covid-19 as follows (excluding custom delays):

Malaysia: 1-3 days

South-east Asia: 2-4 days

Rest of Asia: 3-6 days

USA / Europe: 4-6 days

Rest of the World: 5-7 days

**Please be aware that slight delays in shipments as well as manufacturing MAY occur due to the Covid-19 situation. Unfortunately The Joy Machine Co. has no control over this but will expedite to the best of our ability nonetheless. We seek your kind understanding and patience.**


Q: Are these the only shipping options and prices available?

A: Shipping costs are determined based on volumetric weight as well as destinations and not actual weight. Hence due to the size of the parcel, prices will seem higher than expected. We do not use sea shipping due to the nature of the product as well as the transit time.

Shipping prices are higher due to the current situation and The Joy Machine Co. has unfortunately absolutely no control over this. Rest assured however, that we will monitor closely for changes and are actively on the look out for more affordable alternative and hope to revert to regular shipping prices as soon as we can. We seek your kind understanding.


Q: Do i need to pay duties and taxes?

A: Depending on the destination country, import taxes and duties may be required. The customer is responsible for any import or tax duties that may occur upon final delivery. These are required by your country and collected by the mail carrier, we would have no control over these charges. When we ship out our orders we do our best to reduce the value of the order without breaking any rules to reduce the amount of duties and taxes to help out our customers.

Upon making your order, an acknowledgment is required under the shipping method options, indicating the customer is responsible for any import or tax duties.