First caught my eye with its aesthetics. Already REALLY wanted one in my room solely based on its look. It even lights up and i get to have my name on it?! With my favourite colours?!?! Then i got to play with it and that was it, i got lost in the world of fun and games!

Pea, @xplynn

Brought back lots of fond childhood memories, and can we just talk about how cute it looks!!? Can't wait to have my friends over to play!

Grace, @hazeln.ut

Guess how we spent our 7th Anniversary. The Joy Machine is SOOO addictive. I never knew my wife is so good at Marvel vs Capcom! 

- Marc Than, @marcthanmusic

I never knew how to play these games cause i didnt grow up with it BUT... i can now!!! Not so childhood deprived anymore. It's so much fun and also, such a cool looking console!

- Hashy, @hashyyusof

I felt like a kid again whilst waiting for my Joy Machine to arrive - FIRST IMPRESSIONS: WOW! I just love how it looks and I specially customised the buttons on both sides to be of different colours. Also, I was appalled by the variety of games the console contained and I was told that since it is wifi compatible, I am able to download more games online... Goodbye friends. If only The Awesome People Co. came out with this earlier! 

- Cher, @cherbonez

Feels like I'm 14 again, not being able to make up my mind on which game i should play. A mini version of an almost actual arcade machine with my favourite childhood games? Lovin it.

Desmond T, @spoiltbratx

Even my parents had so much fun with it! Haven't seen them have so much fun in a long while, thank you The Joy Machine Co!

- Poppy N.

The Joy Machine is literally nostalgia in a box where the only problems i had were losing my games!!! 

- Jeslyn, @peterjeslyn

The Joy Machine is nothing short of it's name. I would like to thank the people over at The Awesome People Co for bringing me and my loved ones endless joy during this unprecedented time <3

Jake, @iam18k

The light up function is great! I place it at a corner of my room and it looks perfect 👌 !

- Ash

Dangerously addictive.

- Francis

I was kinda skeptical at first, but when i got the chance to play with it, it gives off such a nostalgic feeling - as if you're back in the 90s playing in the arcade with your favourite classic games! Graphics were much better than expected, and the joystick and buttons seriously feeds into the whole retro theme. Those eargasmic clicking sounds - CLICK! CLICK! Furthermore, one console, two players, double the joy! Honestly the console itself looks cool as a fitting in your room when you're not playing with it. The aesthetics and usability of it are def on point.

Shawn K, @shawnkyx

Affordability, check!

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